Preferred Loyalty’s fundraising program is the future of where fundraising is headed today. With consumers giving less, business owners tapped out, non-profits struggling, and fraud rampant in our system, there simply must be a change in the way we raise money that produces a win-win-win- scenario for all three entities while providing accountability and transparency at the same time. The program works when merchants log a sequential batch of their rewards cards to a specific non-profit organization for the purposes of recording a donation back to that non-profit organization after every sale. Non-profit cardholders simply need to present their card at checkout to get credit for their charitable organization, plus earn valuable cash back rewards for themselves. Most merchants donate back a significant amount, between 5% and 10%, on average, that can add up fast to fund local non-profits.

The program is WIN-WIN for everyone involved. Let’s take a look at the benefits from each party’s perspective.

The Non-Profit Entity

Non-profits realize tremendous benefits. First, there is no selling required. Merchants distribute cards loaded with free value to help the organization generate excitement and trigger the initial visit. Everybody loves receiving gift cards and they are easy to distribute backed by publicity from the non-profit to explain how it works. Secondly, the fundraiser is not a one-time thing, or one-day event. It runs every day continu­ously throughout the year. No restrictions. No blackout dates. Furthermore, all donations generated by members can be audited by non-profit leaders and administrators in real-time through, a trusted 3rd party that manages all transaction processing. This accountability and transparency ensures donations received by merchants are accurate to the penny. Consumers are already visiting local busi­nesses anyway so why not invest a little time to promote a program that tracks member spending at your favorite store(s) and restaurant(s).

The Cardholder or Member

What a great feeling for each member or cardholder. Not only do they receive cash back rewards, they trigger a donation to their charitable organization at the same time. Instead of kids selling candy bars in front of grocery stores, getting sunburned washing cars, or dressing up as chickens dancing with signs, we now have a much better solution. Simply visit business owners (and encourage others to do the same) who have agreed to support the community with every transaction, it’s that simple. The cardholder receives a special thank you note,
recognition for their visit, and a cash back reward to keep them coming back. All of this occurs by simply doing what they have already been doing for years, visiting local businesses. It’s that easy, it’s that powerful and it’s about time.

The Business Owner

You might be thinking with all the benefits of above, the poor business owner must be the one losing out. In actuality, the BIGGEST WINNER is the business owner! How can this be? The answer is simple and long overdue. Instead of the business owner spending thousands of dollars on newspapers, radio, TV, coupons, and all the other traditional advertising which is very expensive, difficult to track and often yields poor results, our fundraising program sets him free from this merry-go-round of advertising waste. Instead, the business owner rewards customers and funds non-profits. The money gets redirected inside schools, churches, little leagues etc. that in turn support Mr. Business Owner in mass. Why has a program like this not existed for decades? Well, technology is one answer but we don’t need to second guess ourselves. The time is here and the time is now. Business owners can now make a real difference in their community while lifting the bottom line at the same time.


Please download our non-profit fundraising slideshow for more information and details on this exciting opportunity.